Robyn's got her grove back. Well, not really.

Robyn, why don't you write anymore? Gee, if only I could pry one of my two computers and/or my magical internet thingy away from the Pastor or the Nate. I'm going to try to get out of my non-writing funk.

So here is just a bunch of random stuff about me.

As soon as I get home from the grocery store, I remove everything from the package. I can't stand to have packaging in my fridge or cabinets.

I will giggle like crazy at any talking dog movie. Makes me giggle just thinking about it.

The house I live in is the 9th house I've lived in in my life. And since it's not our house, I know it won't be the last : ) Takes the pressure off decorating!

I've been vegetarian for the better part of the past 19 years, but lately I've been thinking my body needs meat.

Things I don't like to share: my bathroom, my peanut butter, ok, basically my stuff. What can I say, my mom pegged me when I was little and I said I wanted a sister and she said nuh uh you'd have to share. She was right.

I stopped drinking soda March 12. I have the occasional diet coke with lime, and if the pepsi icee is frozen, I'm a sucker.

I stopped putting salt on my food, except tortilla chips. Too bad I pretty much eat those every day.

I gave up my dog for the Pastor. The dog now lives with my parents and gained a doggie sister. That dog, well he couldn't be happier.

I collect Starbucks City Mugs and those sit-by-the-sink-frogs that hold sponges that millions of women created in ceramic classes in the 1970s. My first sit-by-the-sink-frog was given to me by my grandma two days before she died.

I tan like a California Girl. Thanks Dad!

Guilty pleasure: Nancy Grace.

I wish I could sing.

I think wrist corsages are about the greatest thing ever.

My worst fears: twisty stairs, stairs with space between them, heights, revolving doors, snakes, lizards, getting old, getting fat, going gray. I used to also fear being the hairy old lady in the nursing home, but then I discovered laser hair removal.

OK, stupid, but at least I wrote something.

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