goodbye, lover

I was flipping through our va-ca pictures, and there he was in so many photos. We looked great together - such a cute couple.

He was slick.


Hip and stylish.

It was tough to end the relationship.

Sure, he was always coming up with new things to try. Sure, he was always keeping me busy. Sure, he knew how to make a girl feel needed and important.

But it was time for me to let go. It wasn't him, it was me.

Bye, iPhone.

I've decided I don't need to check e-mail accounts every three minutes. I've decided I don't need to check the news (especially the news I read) every millisecond to see what's happening now.

I've decided I've got more important things to do. Now I've just got to figure out what those things are.

Maybe ice cream will help.

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Kate said...

Dearest Robyn,

I really miss you so much! Please give me a second chance. I'm sorry about the things I did that hurt you, I didn't mean it. Please can I come back?

your iPhone