the laughing cow

what the Pastor had for dinner:
potato salad
baked beans
bar-b-q animal flesh
gallons of bar-b-q sauce
texas toast
real soda

what the Pastor had for dessert:
ice cream
hot fudge

I also saw him eat part of a brownie, and exclaim he couldn't eat it because it was "too sweet" only to take another bite of it. A brownie from the batch of brownies I made last night and haven't even tasted.

And did I mention nothing was sugar-free, fat-free, low calorie and he didn't measure a single thing with a a measuring spoon, cup or scale?

what I had for dinner:
ice water with lemon

what I had for dessert:
ice water with lemon

what I did after my delicious dinner and dessert:
walked on the treadmill for 45 minutes

what the Pastor did:
read a book

After my workout, I joined the Pastor on the couch with a single Babybel light round of cheese - 50 calories of happiness for the evening, wrapped in red wax.

I sat down on the couch.

The Pastor said, "Can I have a bite?"


So I recite to the Pastor every morsel of food he has put into his mouth today. It's not difficult for me to do, as I am the one who so lovingly prepared it for him.

He still takes a bite of my cheese.

Then he says "I'll take one of those."


It was the last one.

The worst part . . . I still probably won't make my Weight Watchers weigh-in this week.

p.s. After reading my blog the Pastor confessed a secret donut. I would not make a good priest. I do not feel forgiving, though I do want to require his penance.


Neil said...

Hi Robyn.

I just stumbled on your blog when I googled "can pastors get married" and I was instantly hooked and read this whole page of entries. Anyway, I'm commenting because I have a very open-ended question for you, not directly related to this post. It will probably seem a little absurd, but I assure you there is a good reason for it and I am genuinely interested in the answer and I think it will help me with a project. So feel free to use this question as a prompt for a blog post or ignore it all together:

What would happen if you and the Pastor were kidnapped by the Mafia?


Robyn said...

hi Neil,

Your comment made me giggle, so I did a whole post.



Anonymous said...

Somehow, I accidentally ended up on your blog. I read this post over a week ago and can't get it out of my mind. I hope you can re-read this entry and see how unhealthy and abnormal it is to have a mere 50 calories or less for dinner. I've survived the hell of eating disorders myself. I'm just worried about you and wanted you to know that someone out there hears you, cares, and understands.