and me, without my ball gown

I'm here in Grand Rapids and we have a banquet to go to tonight at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum.

I brought a dress with me. But - I've worn it before and I don't do well not having choices. I was looking through pictures last night thinking "why didn't I bring that dress, or that one?" But now I'm stuck. I know he wasn't a very important President, but I still want to look nice at his museum.

The "old" Robyn - and by "old" I am not referring to age - would have simply gone and bought something new.

But the "new and improved" Robyn who is trying very hard to be a different person, is going to wear something she already has.

That's right. I am going to wear something I already have.

But that doesn't mean I'll be happy about it.


I don't know why I am even worried about it, why I even care. If this thing is anything like the theologian filled bar-b-q we went to the other day, it certainly won't matter. Here's one of the jokes that was said at my picnic table at that laugh-fest: "What on earth will we do to celebrate John Calvin's birthday - whitewash the walls of a Catholic church???" Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

The Pastor assures me this was funny.

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