too tired to title

Make a to-do list. Check!

Clean house. Check!

Pack. Check!

Give away all the produce that's left in the fridge. Check!

Unplug the microwave. Check!

Train as though you will be competing in the Ironman Triathalon and completing Army basic training in the same week.


I'm glad it's "vacation."

After a couple of weeks of "vacation" with the Pastor, I'm exhausted. My calves are sore. I work out a lot lot lot lot lot. Do you have any idea what it takes to make my calves sore? Eighty-two kazillion steps in 90 degree heat (while wearing a J. Crew dress).

He just said we'll go to the beach tomorrow. We'll sit there and do nothing. Then he clicked out of the page he was on (the one with the beach) and the page that was left open on his screen showed the trail he was thinking of hiking.

Correction. It showed the trail he was thinking of making me hike. And yes, I'm planning on wearing a dress tomorrow.

I'm too tired to think of a clever ending here.

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