its a rainforest out there

Greetings from Costa Rica.

If you think I'm at some swanky tourist-y place, you are wrong.

It was a bumpy flight. I concentrated very hard at not throwing up.

From the plane, it was an even bumpier ride on a bus. For hours. The people on the bus went up and down, up and down, and round and round. I concentrated very hard on not throwing up.

Finally, the bumpy road ended. It was replaced with a mud slide. For hours. I concentrated very hard on not dying.

I made it. Probably not the most helpful thing that the girl who sat next to me at dinner on our first night was telling about how she had just been bit by a snake.

I later explained to the Pastor that I am not 1. a scientist or 2. a four-year old boy. I don't like snakes or bugs.

I've been on two long hikes with the Pastor. I've gotten much better at hiking. I found out that hiking is really just walking. Except when you hike there are bugs and lizards and giant piles of animal poo.

Why, after the first hike, did the Pastor find it necessary to mention that he had seen a snake on our hike, why????? On today's hike, I saw a giant black lizard. The Pastor, thinking it must have been another snake, tried to tell me it was a twig. I knew better. Also, something growled at me (it may have been the Pastor).

I am getting to at least sleep with the Pastor. We are in a room with two twin beds, pushed together. I think this is the third time in our marriage we've had to push the beds together.

The good news is I'll come home all ripped from this trip from the lack of food and all the hiking (those two times).

That's all for now. Oh, and I really, really miss flushing my toilet paper.


Larry said...


I missed the TP flush while in the Domincan Republic on a Missions Trip a few years ago. The missionary told us if we forgot we had to go fishing it (i.e. retrieve it!) That was all the motivation I needed to remember!


Kate said...

So would it be too mean right now to tell you I bought Sprinkles Cupcake Mix in vanilla and chocolate yesterday?

Oh yeah, and tell the Pastor to watch out for the Penis Fish.

KathyLikesPink said...


I would not do what you are doing for love nor money.

You are a VERY BRAVE WOMAN!!!!!