pictures: the remix

3 years

774 blog posts about being married to the Pastor
14 countries
14 states
2 well-used pairs of Chacos and Osprey backpacks
1 time I tried to kill you in Greece
2 skateboards
1 move
1 appliance, 1 dining room set and 1 car purchased
2 times I freaked out because black lizards crossed my path when we were hiking
3 kids
at least 150 trips to some sort of Mexican restaurant
36 months of cell phone commitment
1 completed Ph.D.
and 1 *free* anniversary card (this slideshow of pictures) I made on my computer

Happy Anniversary Pastor!

I'm glad I got my passport.

I love you.


Chellie said...

how did y'all meet, anyway??

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Zestydew said...

Happy Anniversary! what's the name/artist of the song playing? i loved it.