I am here


I am here

It is a "1930 Historical Landmark."

Presidents Truman, Kennedy and Carter stayed here! And John Wayne. And now me. And the Pastor.

Spent a lovely day in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Now at this fabulous hotel. The National Theatre (Wikipedia if you want) is right across the street, and they have everything around our hotel blocked off for the Opera tonight - police and blokades that make the Pastor and I feel like celebrities.

Working at putting back on some of the weight I´ve lost this past week. Nutella crepes!

Ahhhhhhh. Good day. Good night. Home tomorrow.


Lala said...

Hi Robyn!!! Safe travel back home!!!

Lala :o)

Erin Marie said...

Oooh, nutella crepes! Yet another way to use that wonderful stuff.