til Tuesday

If the Pastor and I make it til Tuesday, we'll have made it three whole years.

I skipped down memory lane a bit and looked at some of my older posts.

Before the Pastor could talk about things like "commitment" and "marriage" he used phrases like "combining cell phone plans."

That should have told me something.

Anyway, here's the post -


I knew he loved me when he bought me the big diamond ring. I knew he loved me when he put all my stuff in his garage. I knew he loved me when he let me drive the Mustang. But this is the sum total of all commitments - combining cell phone plans. He had to "assume responsibility" for me. We had a little ceremony right there at the T-Mobile store. It's funny how the Pastor gets all the responsibility and has to pay all the money, and I just sit around and look cute. Oh, by the way, I have on the free t-shirt that came with my Britney Spears perfume.

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