high IQ

I got this email today:

Robyn Renee, Happy Anniversary!
You took Tickle's Classic IQ Test a year ago! We want to celebrate by offering you an in-depth analysis of your IQ -- for FREE!

In your free IQ analysis:

How you compare to others
Your intellectual strengths
Answers to the test questions
Think you've gotten smarter in the past year? Take the test again!


Apparently, I took an IQ test a year ago. Apparently, my IQ is not high enough for me to have even remembered doing this, nor what the results were.

How I compare to others? I compare fabulously!

I'm fairly certain I've done nothing in the past year that has made me any smarter, so I think I'll pass on the re-take. I would only improve on the score if they have somehow added a celebrity trivia section.


Kate said...

But your fashion IQ is off the charts, and isn't that all that matter in this world anyway??

Robyn said...

This is true. But what really matters - knowing exactly how much medicine to give people so they stay asleep during surgery. Those are smart people.

Chellie said...

You and Kate up for meeting Natalie and myself out for some dessert anytime soon? eme if ya do.