Video killed the Bible scholar

We are in bed. The Pastor has his laptop and I have mine. I, my dear, am writing. He is watching a video – a very bad video – about experiencing God. I’m thinking someone didn’t tell the people in the video they were going to be filmed because they didn’t dress up. One lady is slouching in her seat (an Old Testament Professor) and another is in much need of a good support bra.

For those of you who wanted to marry me in Catholic ceremony, good news! I am no longer married to my first husband in the eyes of the Catholic Church. The day my divorce was final, I mailed in the annulment paperwork. Since then, I've heard back from the tribunal a few times - they didn’t have everything they wanted (probably money), stuff that was out of my control to get. Blah, blah, blah. I finally gave up on it, and now my annulment has magically been granted. But for those of you desiring to marry me in a Catholic setting, bad news! Where have you been? I married Pastor McDreamy 20 months ago! You are too late!

I went to Weight Watchers today. Last week, when I weighed, I had not weighed in three weeks over the holidays. Over that three week period, I gained 2.2 pounds. So this past week I was a very good girl and I followed the program and I exercised every day, and I only lost .6. Ugh.

This video is astounding. I just learned that Jesus was Jewish.

Michael, I made a resolution that I would write everyday. I didn’t make a resolution that you would get to read what I wrote everyday. :) I’m also working on my fabulous novel. So far I got about a page written before the Pastor interrupted me. Tonight when it was time to write, there he was bugging me again, But now I have occupied him with a video. It’s kind of like distracting a small child with a Barney video. Sit here and be a good boy and watch your movie!

OK, now the Pastor is over there babbling about how Greek Biblical texts look pretty. He's got me beside him, yet he thinks the texts are pretty.


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