Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Did you know PTSD wasn't originally linked with soldiers returning home from battle? It was actually first attributed to women who were forced to spend snow days trapped inside a house with children, unable to leave for several consecutive days.

We survived WINTERSTORM2007! My thoughts:
1. Being married to a weather man would probably be the worst thing ever. Those guys get way way way to excited about the weather. Did we really need constant coverage? Some of us have no cable channels!
2. It was wrong of the schools to cancel school for 5 consecutive days.
3. I ate everything that was in the house, except for the children.
4. I am extremely thankful for the make-your-own-Cinnamon-Dolce-Latte-kit from Starbucks.

I know he meant it as a compliment, but -
I just can't shake this one. A couple of weeks ago, remember, I was "crazy smuckers pb&j uncrustable sandwich making lady." Last week, the children got to eat some of those sandwiches. As a very nice, sweet thing to say, the Pastor told me "You did a REALLY GOOD JOB making those sandwiches for the kids!"

Uhhhh, thanks. I didn't know what to say. I don't even think I really said think you. What was going through my head was that I used to be a manager with 23 direct reports and now someone is acting like it's a big deal that I mastered pb&j??? That I used to put together major fraud cases, and I was even responsible for people serving jail time, and now I am getting complimented for a sandwich? I've been thinking about this ever since he said it, and I'm sure he's not given it another thought.

The Pastor was very sweet to say it though. He was also sweet at the end of the snow days. He suprised me with the February in Style magazine (the first magazine I've read all year!) and a VALENTINE CARD. I know it's special when he buys me a card, I think he's only bought me two cards the whole time we've been together. Ive only bought him one card, and I just keep giving it to him over and over again.


Audra said...

My reaction to this entire post?
HAHAHAHA. Thanks for the humor. I needed it today. :)

Michael Rodgers said...

Does he know when Valentines is?