do not pass go, do not collect recipes, proceed directly to trashy panty store

There's a fine line between domestic goddess and domestic tragedy.

I wasn't really concerned about myself the other day when I decided to make enchiladas. The amazing thing was, I had all the ingredients ON HAND, IN MY PANTRY AND FRIDGE, to whip up a batch of fabulous sour cream/green chile/cheese enchiladas.
And, I'm such a genius in the kitchen, it only took me twenty minutes to make them!

I started to get a little concerned when I took two loaves of bread and had a marathon school lunch making session, making my own "home-made" version of Smuckers brand Uncrustable pb&j sandwiches.

I became extremely concerned when I felt bad about the thought of just throwing away the leftover bread crusts from above-mentioned no-crust pb&j sandwiches.

I knew I had completely lost it when I googled bread pudding recipes.

At that point, I left the house. I proceeded immediately to a mall far, far away to shop at Fredericks of Hollywood. I had to go to a mall far, far away so that no one would recognize my Nazarene self at a trashy panty store. Not really, that just happens to be where the only Fredericks of Hollywood is located. Then, I started to feel more like myself again.

Did I mention I made home-made vanilla syrup to top the bread pudding?