sparkly kung-fu fighter

Still in bed. In the Pastor's bathrobe. He's gone to teach this morning.

Last night, I got to see my cousin's little boy. He's 23 months old. This kid is by far the cutest kid in the whole wide world. Trust me, I don't like very many kids, but I like this one a lot lot lot lot lot.

I will call the kid Lantern to protect his privacy. Lantern reeled me in when he admired my White House Black Market bracelet. He kept saying "Sparkly!" Last night, he actually took my bracelet, held it up to his cheek, hugging it and physically loving my sparkly bracelet. The kid definitely knows the way to my heart.

After I hung out with Lantern last night, I had a dream that I was babysitting him and I had to lay him down for a nap. It was hard for me to find a place for him to nap, but I finally found a safe cabinet for him to nap in. While the baby was napping, ninjas kept trying to attack us. I used my kung-fu skills to ward off all the ninjas, and when I was fighting them I kept saying things like THE BABY IS SLEEPING!

So, if anyone is interested, I may in fact be a pretty good babysitter.

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