Ugly Robyn

I've exercised the past two mornings - instead of in the evening like I normally do. I've walked for an hour each morning after I drop Nate off at school. But then I feel like I am starving all day and I seem to have hurt my foot somehow. I'm not sure if it is an exercise related injury or if it was the high heels I wore yesterday. For that matter, everyday.

I've been doing good on my bubble bath resolution. I think I've taken one just about every day. It's not a hard resolution to keep.

I'm really ugly right now because I'm wearing my big, thick glases. I'm having laser eye surgery in two weeks so I have to wear my glasses til then. That's right, I'm hobbling around on my gimp foot and I'm wearing ugly glasses. The picture just keeps getting prettier and prettier. And I ate a cupcake and mexican food today, so I'm probably fat now too.

The Pastor spent the entire evening in the crawl space of our rent houses. I doubt he sympathizes with me about any of these important issues.


nakedpastor said...

hey! found your blog through churchgal. i like your sense of humour. my wife married a pastor too! you might like to check out my pastor's wife teeshirt. keep up the good work!

Kate said...

probably the shoes hurt your foot, but as I tried (unsuccessfully) to explain to my surgical attending, fashion is more important than comfort (unless you work in a hospital).

I'm glad you are blogging more! Happy New Year!