it's always something


Yes, camping.

In the German forest, there were black lizards.

In Costa Rica, more lizards and snakes.

The Oregon Coast?


Not teeny tiny slugs. Slugs the size of human appendages, with giant human-seeking tentacles. I'm sure they are coming after me.

And the Pastor? He can't be happy that I'm sleeping in a tent on the ground in a sleeping bag and why not jog up this giant sand dune while you are at it!!!

Nope, he wants me to hike up slug lane too.

I have on my Tom's. They are thin-soled, and I wonder how it's going to feel when I squish one. I don't have on socks and I envision slug juice will soil my ankles.

You do not have to worry about such things on the treadmill.

Luckily, he just preached on forgivesness.

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Kate said...

I never pictured you as a camper!