cracking up

The Pastor preached today and we took Communion at the end of the service with Matzah bread (crackers) and grape Crystal Light.

After church the Pastor and I helped a woman who, let's say, was high on life. We were tipped off to this by her demeanor on the front pew and her walking in and out of the service approximately 82 times. One of the times she came back in her hair was soaking wet. She had put her head in the sink (let's hope). Was she hot? Did she baptize herself? I don't know.

When we were helping this lady out, she explained she had just gotten out of rehab and was feeling sick. The Pastor expressed his concern for her nausea. She said, "It's okay now, those crackers helped."

Later the Pastor told me now we have proof of the "saving efficacy" of Communion. I believe the Pastor is that much closer to becoming a televangelist.

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