Ritz Carlton

Even though I spend hours a day in my bathroom at home, the Pastor doesn't seem to understand why I don't wake up beautiful at the campsite.

Can't you even try for this picture? ??? was one of the comments. Uhhhhh, no I can't. I realize you are a man and you look the same when you wake up as you do when you go to bed and all the moments in between, but I haven't showered. I haven't washed my hair in three days, and while Jesus was able to rise from the dead after three days, I am unable to make myself look any better.

On this trip I have received further proof that God is a woman.

After days of being a good little camper and sleeping in a sleeping bag in a tent, we went to the next campground. We were hoping for a YURT but the Ranger (God's Angel) rewarded me with a deluxe cabin he'd just had a last minute cancellation on - the Ritz Carlton of all camping. Come to find out, the cabin has such amenities as running water, a toilet, a hot shower and most importantly - it's completely adorable.

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realolivegreen said...

i'm surprised you haven't found out about dry shampoo! it comes in a spray can like hairspray and cleans your hair without water! perfect for camping! Heidi Montag is using it on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. Looks like it works really well.