a three hour tour, a three hour tour

Last night - three hour Board Meeting at the Church of the Homeless. I think I was maybe asked to be on the Board because I refused to help out in Children's Ministry? Please, I begged. I'll do anything. Just don't make me work with kids.

Now I know what happens to mean, crotchety Church Ladies who don't want to work with the tiny ones in God's Kingdom.

Tonight - I'm on hour three of Battle of the Bands listening to headbangers shout a song entitled "I know I'm a lunatic but let's cuddle." The things we do for our kids. This is clearly an example of why I shouldn't be in charge of children. But I'm not a completely terrible parent (even though I may have forgotten to feed him dinner last night). I did refuse to let him have a Dr. Pepper after midnight. I don't feel sorry for him. I haven't had one in four years.

As soon as I'm done here, it's home to cuddle with my lunatic

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