I hate Thin Mints.

I'm on Team Samoas.

The Pastor wisely bought me a box of each kind of cookie, except Thin Mints. That is, after he called and asked what kind I wanted - to which I replied every single kind except the stupid, overrated Thin Mints. Its a good thing he called first because it turned out what I wanted was apparently the exact opposite of what he would have done.

Instead of Flower Friday, I guess this was Cookie Friday. I'm happy to take a bouquet of cookies any day.

Its for a good cause, right? Girl Scouts are out there doing all kinds of good in the world, aren't they?


Ally said...

I hate Thin Mints with the power of 10,000 suns. HATE.

However, as much as I hate Thin Mints, I love Samoas. YUM!!!!!!!!

Kate said...

I'll join Team Samoa too. They are the BEST!

LB said...


kwr221 said...

Peanut butter tandys are pretty awesome, too!

realolivegreen said...

Thin Mints are the best of the girl scout cookies.