escape to Egypt

The Pastor did just fine at "Christmas."

Of course, my special day had to be rescheduled because he double-booked himself on January 6. I'm sure Jesus wouldn't have tolerated this from the Magi, but I'm more flexible.

Instead of gold, frankincense and myrrh I got Cheever's, Coach and Miss Dior Cherie. Unlike the baby Jesus, I wasn't surprised. I picked it all out, and he paid.

The Pastor's sermon on the Magi (yes, I've heard it a time or two - I could probably preach it myself) goes something like this: "The wrong people from the wrong place had the wrong information but they came to do the right thing, worship."

Even though Jesus didn't have to ask anyone to hand over his Discover card, the Pastor got the gist of it.

But weren't the Magi warned in a dream to return home a different way? OK, so maybe I only remember part of his sermon. But I got the gist of it! I'll be sure to be on the lookout for any mysterious dreams the Pastor has over the next few weeks to conveniently disappear right around Valentine's Day.

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