I like playdough

It was a strange progression.

I had to buy playdough for the Pastor.

I happened to notice there was a picture of a dog on the playdough box. Easy! it said. If you can make a cone, a circle and a snake - you can make this dog!

Liar. But I didn't figure that out for about 2 hours.

If I couldn't make the stupid dog, I had to make something. Nate showed up and became totally transfixed with the playdough with me. I'm probably not supposed to divulge that information.

This is the result. Of course, once it started to harden and crack, we were extremely displeased. We haven't played with playdough since, but it's icy out and I'm stuck at home, so who knows.

1 comment:

Sara said...

If you can make two triangles and a little ball, you'd have a kick butt bow tie for the Pastor on Sunday. Just a thought!

: )