lost in translation

things the Asian tailor lady said to me: (as you read you may want to read with an Asian accent if that helps)

-You have sexy body!
-Look at that! You must work out all the time! All the time!
-When I was working on your dress and my daughters saw it, they thought that you were a black woman because of how I was taking it in! But I said no! She's a white woman!
-You look like a model!
-You have tiny, tiny waist and biiiiiiig hips!
-Have you had butt implants?

I simultaneously feel complimented/violated/offended.

If anyone knows of a good tailor, let me know. I'm looking.


C.A. said...

She thought you were a black woman...ROFL...OK, now that is just FUNNY.

Where does one find a good tailor in OK? Butt implants...OMG.

Robyn, it's always an adventure, isn't it?


madame x said...

my tailor is an ancient armenian woman....All she ever sez is

"What you got? 400 pair blue jeans?"

she's right

DG said...

Next time tell her Yes. "YES, I have Brazilian Butt Lift Implants a' la JLo. You gotta problem with it???" Then politely suggest some corrective surgery ideas to her.

MamaNeedsAMargarita said...

I just wanted to say that I LOVE reading your blog! Come visit mine if you ever get a chance!

Leslie said...

Sweiss on Rockwell/NW Expy.

She's European and has an Asian assistant who doesn't speak...

So, sounds like a good plan for you.

SacrificeofPraise said...