happy Memorial Day indeed

The most wonderful thing happens where I live on Memorial Day weekend.

Firemen stand on street corners, in their firemen outfits, and collect money for charity in empty firemen boots. Once you have given a contribution, they give you a sticker to stick inside your windshield so they don't continue to ask you for donations as your pull up to various intersections.

This event led to the following conversation with the Pastor while driving:

him: What's this sticker for? Did you give money?

me: Absolutely.

him: Why?

me: Sweetie, if a decent looking girl stood on a street corner in a schoolgirl outfit collecting money for charity, wouldn't you pull out your spare change?

him: Yeah.

me: Well, these were firemen.


What is it about firemen anyway? Are they all good looking, or is it just by some coincidence that they put the handsome ones on the corner this weekend?

Incidentally, I'm throwing my sticker away. They can hold a boot out to me as much as they want.


Anonymous said...

I keep begging my husband to moonlight as a security guard again. Yes, fireman is mucho betta, but there's just SOMETHING about that uniform! Sara G.

Grandma J said...

Our Fire Department did the Boot collection last weekend for MS. My husband was a firefighter and I never got tired so that uniform, but the turnouts, boots and helmet were hotter I think.

DG said...

Firemen are hot. Er . . . no pun intended.

But seriously? They are fi-i-i-ne in those uniforms, and out of 'em. Um, not that I would know or anything. Because I wouldn't.

Loganator's Mom said...

My best friend dated a fireman. He was GORGEOUS! One night he brought a large group of his friends out with us... they were GORGEOUS!! And they weren't wearing their uniforms.

So on top of having to be fit and able to save lives I guess you have to be drop dead good looking to qualify.

Sherman the Tank said...

So where is the schoolgirl outfit charity and how do I give them money?

Leslie said...

Um, I miss you guys. When are you coming to visit again?