Numbers 26:10 ~ and the earth opened her mouth and swallowed them up together

Why God, Why?

Aren't you paying attention to how good I'm being during Lent? I've been doing everything I've said I would do. I haven't been doing the stuff I said I wouldn't do, and I've even felt a little guilty doing some stuff I didn't say I'd give up.

How could she do this to me?

I had a fabulous time at the Valentine's Ball. I ended up choosing from the three outfit contenders the white BCBG dress. It was absolutely my most favorite thing I have ever worn - and I've worn two wedding dresses! If I wasn't married, I would get married in that BCBG dress. Shoot,if I wasn't married, I'd marry that BCBG dress.

But when we got to the Ball, God decided to take me down a notch. I looked too good. I was too happy.

Out of all the dresses in all of the world, someone had on the same exact dress as me.

Not that God hadn't forewarned me properly. In my life, I've been to one other event at that particular country club. On that night, someone had on the same outfit as me. God was clearly trying to tell me, everytime you come to this place someone will be dressed exactly like you, and that will be your curse.

But back to the Valentine's Ball. I had two choices. I could avoid the girl all night (the Pastor did his best to make sure I didn't see her when she came in, but its hard to miss such a beautiful dress), or I could take the high-heeled road and go up to her and tell her how fantastic her dress was, well, because it was!

I went up to her and she said the best possible thing anyone could say in a situation like ours. She said "Robyn, just the other day, someone was telling me what great style you have." Well duh!

I still had a great night. Just that little minor detail. Oh, and someone called me by the ex-wife's name. But still, a wonderful night.

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Anonymous said...

the real question is "Who wore it best?" my guess is you probably beat her by 86% to 14%. as someone who has called someone's new wife by the ex-wifes name that is a cringe on both sides.