check engine

Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and Chinese New Year - what an exciting week.

Fat Tuesday lived up to its name - with mexican food and a cupcake, I did what I could. Chinese New Year - don't even think about trying to get a mani/pedi on Thursday. Ash Wednesday - they put the ashes on with baby oil. I asked the Pastor if it was my imagination, or did my forehead smell like a baby??? Turns out he doesn't like the smell of baby oil. What kind of monster doesn't like that smell? Of course, I am a female and apparently genetically coded to think baby oil smells good.

I've been thinking about what to give up, or what to take up for Lent this year.

I'm far from perfect, but I have already switched to decaf, don't eat meat/chicken/pork/eggs, don't drink milk and for two years have been driving an $800 car with damage on every single spot you could possibly damage on a car and a check engine light that's been on the entire time we've owned it. Guess those check engine lights don't mean a whole lot huh? Anyway, without the caffeine and the meat and all, what else is left? Actually, quite a bit.

Here's what I've decided to do
-chose kindness
-no cupcakes
-no mexican food
-exercise one hour each day
-no shopping for clothes, purses or shoes
-no Nutella


DG said...

Girl. No way. Maybe yes on the kindness, but no shopping? No cupcakes? No Mexican?

Get OUT! You have thrown down the gauntlet. Let's see if you can make it. I'm rooting for you.

Anonymous said...

yea sorry but i think the kindness and maybe the nutella are your only chances.
cmon cupcakes - ok maybe if you dont count regular cake
mexican food? - have you tried the mexican gumbo at qdoba?
exercise - EVERYday are you kidding?
shopping - might i remind you of presidents day sales in a couple of weeks or better yet easter outfits.

look i appreciate the thought but God knows you would never make that.

Anonymous said...

Kudos on sticking with the old car!

Not to be preachy, but maybe a good idea for a Lent sacrifice would be to get that engine checked. I learned this year that often that particular trouble light indicates a failure in the fuel system, which of course often yields poor fuel economy and more pollution. In my state, you can't even pass annual inspections with the check engine light on. Just sayin'. :-)

(I gave up orange juice.)

Robyn said...

Thanks for that tip! I will pass that along to the Pastor - he does the vehicle stuff! He's been making me read some book about being an environmentally responsible Christian - so this is probably a good time for me to hit him up!

Good luck with the OJ. I love OJ, I gave it up years ago - decided I couldn't drink that many calories first thing in the a.m.! And it is no fun drinking a quarter of a cup serving size.

Chellie said...

Okay, so the car might be older, but check out all those vaca places you have been! A nice trade-off, I suppose!