the 7 day itch

I'm having a hard day today.

I want to eat cupcakes and go to The Limited and buy a red dress. Or, I want to go buy the red dress, put it on and then eat the cupcakes. Very carefully, as to not get the dress dirty.

A red dress and cupcakes would definitely make me feel better.


Chellie said...

I thought The Limited went away?

Robyn said...

They did at Quail. There's still one at Penn - they closed temporarily and moved to a new location.

Calamity Jane said...

Step 1: Buy the cupcakes, wrap them individually in a little saran, and stick those bad boys in the freezer for when Lent is over!

Step 2: Buy the red dress and put that bad girl ON!

You feel better already, don't you?

Robyn said...

Oh believe me, I have quite the nice little stockpile in my deep freeze. What's the point of even having a giant deep freeze, except to stockpile my goodies. I still have a few oatmeal cookies in there that my mom made me for my b-day. I don't share well with others.

Leslie said...

Thanks for letting me crash your house today... hope you enjoy your tarts! See you soon-- gotta come pick up my laundry detergent sometime. Haha.

DG said...

OK, so you couldn't send me any chocolatecherrydietdrpepper in the mail. That's OK - thanks for the sentiment. I did once mail individually bubble-wrapped glass bottles of Shiner Bock Beer to myself from Texas to Massachusetts, and probably broke about 10 laws in the process, but they all arrived safe and sound and they were quite tasty.

Keep up the cupcake vigil. Of note: I have given up exactly nothing for Lent. I didn't even know it was Lent. In fact, to further expound on my ignorance, I thought Lent was lint, and something I pull regularly from the dryer trap.

So there. You are doing really darn good for yourself with this giving up thing. Go Robyn!