for a limited time only!!!

I think "for a limited time only" is perhaps the scariest phrase ever.

Chocolate cherry diet Dr. Pepper anyone?

For a limited time only!

Cupcakes at Starbucks anyone?

For a limited time only!

Don't even get me started on whipped peanut butter.

Only really cool stuff is for a limited time only. You can pretty much guarantee if something sucks, it will be around forever. Like acne, ex wives, wrinkles, etc.

That phrase makes me want to stockpile (is that one word or two? I don't care enough to look it up) an emergency supply. And I never stockpile. I was one of those people who didn't care about Y2K. My concerned brother (as opposed to my unconcerned brother) brought me an oil lamp about a week before Y2K, in case the world ended. I could have cared less and the world didn't end.

And if the world ever ends, I can guarantee you I wouldn't care about light from an oil lamp as much as I would cupcakes and chocolate cherry diet Dr. Pepper. When the time comes, I will have one heck of a par-tay, seeings how I would have to eat all the cupcakes thawing from a deep freeze with no electricity. Don't come over; I won't share.


DG said...

You know what else is scary? The fact that I've never even seen a chocolate cherry diet Dr. Pepper. I've had vanilla raspberry diet Dr. Pepper, but no can do on the chocolate-cherry. Where did you find that??? YUM YUM. I'm in PA - where are you? I need some of that stuff, and quickly.

Lala said...

Hi Robyn!!! I have seen The ccDP here in NW PA... AND the vr mentioned above too... I'm just a staight DP fan though myself...

Another phrase... "NEW and IMPROVED"... yea... whatever... I was COMPLETELY CONTENT with the "old original" formula... and wish it would return...

Keep us posted on your lent success... I accidentally served SAUSAGE last night with teh pancakes... WHOOPS!

Lala :o)

DG said...

lala - where did you find the ccDP? I'm in S Central PA. Never seen it. HELP. Now I'm jonesing for that stuff.