and on the first day

I made it through day 1. No nutella, no cupcake (Nate ate the last one in the fridge - I do have a stockpile in the deep freeze), no shopping, no mexican food!!!

And between abs, eliptical machine and treadmill - I exercised for one hour and fifteen minutes.

Could I have been any more perfect? As a matter of fact, yes! I sold two dresses which completely justifies all the new clothing I purchased (before lent!) to wear to the Valentine's ball tonight. I don't know which outfit I'm wearing. There are three or four contenders. I also gave myself a manicure, saving the Pastor $15.00!


DG said...

Gotta admit . . . I am impressed. Um. I walked my dog. So there. Ooooh - and I sold a bunch of DVDs on Ebay. Huzzah!

janette said...

hey pastor's wife. :)

i still need to hook you up with the nifty knitter!!