My cousin did a post on his blog listing seven secret things most people don't know about him. I've been toying around with that idea in my head, trying to compose a post, but then I came to the conclusion that if you don't know it's because I don't want you to know. Ha! I'll never tell.

I've decided instead to write a post with seven random things. No big secrets here.

1. I absolutely love talking dog movies. I think I'll rent Underdog this week. I bet they'll have it at the redbox.

2. I love to look at cookbooks. I have an embarrassingly high number checked out from the library right now.

3. Some of the greatest inventions ever: pay-at-the-pump, self check-out, crock-pot liners, redbox, two flavors of Doritos in one bag! Genius!

4. I can't get my nail polish off. How is it that a nail polish can be made that I can't seem to remove with fingernail polish remover, yet it still managed to chip in such a way that I needed to take it off?

5. I've been making my own cofffee at home, which has saved the Pastor considerable money and I think helped me to somehow drop a few more pounds even though everything I ordered at the Bucks was supposed to be sugar-free and non-fat.

6. I wish I had a big, long bathroom counter. Not just a sink with no counter. The Pastor makes fun of me because I dump all of my cosmetics out of a hat box into the sink every day, and as I use an item, I return it back to the hat box. No counter!
I don't have a dream house. I don't have a dream bathroom. I just have a dream bathroom counter.

7. My current food obsession is Nutella. Every single morning. On a croissant. That's a healthy breakfast!


Anonymous said...

I've been cutting back on "Bucks too, trying to save money. I buy the whole bean french roast from sam's, then grind it up in my magic bullet, and it tastes pretty close to "Bucks. Used Redbox once and loved it. They have one at sam's!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE nutella!!

Stephen Vandervort said...

Just in case you didn't know, you can get free Redbox DVD rentals by typing in the promocode 'BREAKROOM' when you're in the final check-out screen of the Redbox. That code makes movies free for the first night. Google "redbox codes" for more, too! My $0.02 for the day.