I'm glad Christmas is over.

I was going to post about how all of the Christmas letters and cute family pictures we received in the mail were about to send me right over the edge. I was going to compose my own version of a Christmas letter, a truthful one, but then I looked back through all my pictures over the past year, remembered I had been to the beach (twice!) and overseas, and decided I have a good life and didn't need to whine and complain because of a couple of problems.

Merry Christmas.


Chellie said...

Did you have some family love with your 2 new daughters?

I'm sooooooo glad it's over too. All of my cards are now down and away. Onward to 2008!

Lala said...

Hi Robyn!!! SO GLAD it is over too!!! Did the obligatory visit to the "outlaws" on the 23rd... yea... suspected something and only had to wait 3 DAYS to find out I WAS RIGHT...
There is a running joke in MY family... my parents have friends that send out a 2 PAGE Christams letter EVERY YEAR (front and back single spaced!!!) THIS years "highlight" was the fact that the man's 84 year old mother had a "drip" (he was kind enough to clarify it was a URINARY drip) that turned out to be a result of "aging"... OMG... can you IMAGINE!!! We ALL had a good laugh outta that!!!

I agree... onward to 2008!!!

Lala :o)