the greatest gift of all

I didn't get "My So Called Life" on DVD.

I didn't get a Volkswagen Bug.

I didn't get Sarah Jessica Parker perfume.

But I did get the gift of being right.

The Pastor and I were having what seemed like our four thousandth conversation helping a 9 year old match clothes. These conversations usually involve a girl wanting to wear unisex clothing, something camouflage, nothing that actually matches, something she has already worn (probably the preceeding day) and me wanting to jab myself in the eye with the closest wire hanger.

The Pastor, the compassionate Pastor, said "She's only nine! How old were you when you started putting together your outfits?"

Uhhh TWO!

Nuh uh!

Yes, TWO!

I'm calling your mother!

Fine, I'll help you dial.

We get mom on the phone. The Pastor asks her, and drumroll please -

Mom says

I was two.

I was right! I was right! Neener neener neener I was right.

I told Mom she didn't have to get me anything else for Christmas.


Kate said...

I always figured your house would be full of cloth hangers, not wire hangers.

I'm so disappointed....

pastorsbride said...

I actually have plastic. But if I was going to poke myself in the eye, I'd find a wire one!