all dressed up and no where to ho ho ho

Nazarene Party Ready.

Imagine this Isaac Mizrahi for Target dress in white with small velvety black dots - almost like a dotted-swiss fabric. This was my Nazarene party dress for this evening. And I have a reddish fitted velvet jacket to go over it.

Totally. Stinkin. Cute.

Here's the "sexy Mrs. Claus" look I am trying to replicate with the jacket:

I think we can all agree what a good look this is.

I can wear the jacket with the dress or I can wear it with dressy jeans. Ann Taylor Loft! But I didn't want to upset the Pastor by paying $119 for a jacket. Mom found me one very similar at Kohl's for $26.

Only the problem with all of my spectacular party clothes is we are experiencing Winter Storm 2007! and our party is canceled. : (

Plus I have a ham and a turkey in my fridge, taking up all the room that I normally reserve for my vegetarian food, you know, that stuff I eat. If things get desperate, you may find me turned into a carnivore, eating bird and pork, but wearing a very cute outfit.

Oh, and you should see how good my nails look. Red french tips with silver lines. Pretty and sparkly.

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Chellie said...

Hve you been lucky enough to keep power. I'm finally back home after no power for 6 days.