pop-up Pastor

None of the people I have ever socialized with at the art museum have ever seen my husband. I wonder what, all these months, they have pictured in their minds when they imagined my doctor/pastor/professor husband who takes me on such lovely trips and buys me large Coach purses and big diamond rings.

Today, they got to see him.

Me - in my cute little I'm an art museum docent outfit and I'm so stylish and art-y looking.

The Pastor - wearing a hoodie he found on the street. Yes, not only did he find it on the street, it was a woman's hoodie, brown with pink trim, and it advertises a liquor store. He completed his outfit with a Salvation Army t-shirt and Goodwill jeans.

What a couple we must have looked like seated at the art museum cafe'.

The Pastor was in rare form.

He was slightly unhappy with his $9 sandwich, eaten in the cafe' which has a nice view of a downtown street and plenty of homeless people. What would Jesus do? Would Jesus eat a $9 sandwich? The Pastor had to justify the $9 sandwich somehow, so he ate all the "free" butter and rolls he could. He also had the waitress keep refilling his water glass and bring him extra peppers.

Of course, we were seated within viewing distance of the curator and an important museum donor. They didn't know that before lunch the Pastor had been fascinated with a pop-up greeting card he saw in the gift shop. (He's easily entertained - obviously he's easy to dress too.) The Pastor's eagerness to pop-up from the table to go back to play with the card, well to the curator and donor, I'm sure it looked like my scruffly date was just sticking me with the check. He did stick me with the check, but I did have his money to pay.

Perhaps they thought I had brought a homeless man off the street to feed him lunch.

Imagine if the Pastor had an entire pop-up book. He'd be entertained for hours. Too bad he doesn't want any Christmas presents.

Maybe they have one at Goodwill.


Becca said...

a) That is such a typically hysterical episode for you.

b) I'm glad I'm your neighbor, even if the Pastor looks like he's homeless sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he needs to have a talk with Stacy and Clinton.
Maybe they could do an episode where you get $500.00 instead of $5000.00, and you can only shop at thrift stores :)
Go to http://tlc.discovery.com/fansites/whatnottowear/geton/index.html to nominate him. If anyone could get him on there, it's you!

Pinkstripe said...

Nuh-uh. If anyone is getting a new wardrobe, it is Mrs. Pastor! Now THAT is the gift you get a girl who refuses to repeat outfits.

Chellie said...

Wow. I so want to not have to repeat an outfit!