here's to you, Mrs. Robinson, Jesus loves you more than you will know

-Nacho Mama!!!
-my b-day
-my first and only pinata (what a disappointment you pull strings and don't get to beat anything!)
-the garden
-the parental units
-Cake, cake and more cake. And cookies.
-Hello Kitty!
-the o.j. I squezzed and didn't get one drop to drink
-my cute purse I had the good sense to pay $5 for 8 years ago in Mexico
-my cute shoes
-the college graduate I would trade at least three kids for
-what the back of the Pastor's head will look like in 35 years
-The Last Graduation???
-Mother's Day brunch

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Pinkstripe said...

Those graduation pics make me want to walk some laps!