chemical reaction

I remember very little about any science education I may have had.

In Junior High, I remember one boy I had a crush on in Science. And I remember a never-ending fear that when called upon to read out loud from a chapter, I would accidentally say "orgasm" instead of "organism."

High School? Did I take a Science class in High School?

In College, I remember one boy I had a crush on in a Science class.

I'm wishing I would have paid more attention. To class. Not boys.

I'm no longer worried about saying orgasm out loud, but I am scared to color my own hair. Really scared. Like more scared than I was to give birth scared. It's hair, and a bunch of chemicals. What's the big deal, right?

As I type I have two band-aids on my arm (skin tests) and two strand tests going.

I have hung clothes on a line. I've tolerated a garden the size of my house. I've downsized my house and my car. I've gotten rid of tons of stuff. I've just said no to buying things I don't need. I've reduced the number of paper towels I've used. I've washed dishes by hand.

But my hair? I don't know if doing my own hair is the next step I'm willing to take.

Maybe, just maybe, I'll find that reading out loud in Junior High Science wasn't the worst thing in the world.

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