please please please just write your paper already!

The Pastor has an important scholarly paper to write.

He's driving me crazy.

He is doing whatever he can to distract himself from actually writing the paper.

He's driving me crazy.

He thinks that I should be immediately interested in/drop everything/participate in/watch/come along with every little distraction.

He's driving me crazy.

Today, he bought a GPS.

He's driving me crazy.

He wanted me to care about the GPS.

He's driving me crazy.

I didn't care about the GPS, even though it meant I got to go to Target. I'm sure when I'm driving around someday, somewhere - and I use the GPS, I'll care. Today, I just want him to write his paper.

He's driving me crazy.

Another thing he keeps doing is taking a nap/going to bed in order to not write his paper. Then he doesn't understand why I'm not ready to go to bed at 6:30 p.m. Last night, he wore me down and we were asleep before nine. This was after he - check out the audacity of this - took me to a movie and to get $10 carrot cake because he didn't want to write his paper. But my desire to go to bed early may have had something to do with his mini-seminar on how to properly burn a candle.

He's driving me crazy.

Silly me, making my own plans, finding my own ways to keep busy while he is supposed to be working on his paper. Today, he started to tell me over my shoulder the proper way to use a broom. I told him if he continued, he'd have to have my broom surgically removed. He'd probably like that though - if he has to go to the hospital, more time to not be working on his paper.

He's probably reading my blog right now instead of writing his paper. Sweetie, please stop reading blogs and write your paper.

You are driving me crazy.


Anonymous said...

oh my. i. am. in. trouble. i was reading this instead of writing my paper! love you babe.

Pinkstripe said...

We have two GPSs. GPSes? GPS units. I could go on. But I have a story to write. ;)

Kate said...

I'm reading this instead of studying for my big test tomorrow. How's that for procrastination?