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I went to college once. I actually got a degree. Funny thing - when I bought my college ring, I thought my degree was a Bachelor of Science (BS) and that was inscribed on my ring. It wasn't til after I got my diploma, I found out my degree was, in fact, a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

All that to say, I went to college and I didn't know what the heck my degree was. My other college highlights include not outfit repeating my entire last semester, and only going to the library one time in four years, and that was only because a boy invited me. I didn't go there to study. : ) But these are stories for another time.

I got this adorable little e-mail from the Pastor/Professor/Mad Farmer/Perpetual Student:

Odd fact.

I realized, that, technically speaking, I have been enrolled in college *every* single year since I graduated high-school in 1989! Yes, that is right, I have been in college for 20 years! (Now, a few of those years were completely lost to school work as I was in the miry-clay of stupid divorce stuff - so I wasn't doing much school-work. I was still paying tuition and was still enrolled and still felt the stress of school.)

So, this is my official family announcement. When I finish this M.A. degree in May - I am not going back to college in 2010.

He's so funny he just makes me giggle. Don't ask me what all his degrees are in; clearly I don't know my own. He has his Bachelor's, three or four????? Master's (I've lost count) and a Ph.D. I do know the Ph.D. was about the Bible. Something about Kings. And violence. And maybe Judges. And Samuel? It was a big book and I get sleepy when I read.

Oh and I do take complete credit for him getting the Ph.D. and this last Master's - both done under my watch. But apparently being the "wind beneath his wings" hasn't been enough - he doesn't understand why I haven't accomplished anything with my life, other than keep his life in perfect order so that he can do all he does. Uhhhhh Pastor????? That's sorta a full-time job.

Anywho, I don't believe for a second he's done with school. Here's what my money is on -

1. After spending the summer hanging around our teenage and pre-teen family members, he'll go take a class in anything he can get enrolled in. Anything. Basket weaving. Dance Aerobics. Feng Shui. Numerology.

2. He'll realize there are only so many dishes I can make out of the FOUR ROWS of potatoes (yes FOUR HUGE ROWS) he's planted in the garden, and he'll use that as an excuse to go to Culinary School. This would not be a bad thing.

3. After hanging around me for extended periods of time, he'll realize how much money I spend on hair and nails. He will conclude it is completely stupid to spend this much money on hair and nails. He will conclude I have no intention of stopping having fabulous hair and nice nails. He will run the numbers and determine it is cheaper in our lifetime for him to pay the money for him to go to beauty school and do my hair and nails for me than for me to continue to have these things done. This might not be a bad thing.

He'll have to have something to do with all his nervous energy.

If he quits school completely, who would drink all the Mountain Dew in the world?

Come Fall, I'll probably wish he would go back to school. : )

But if he doesn't, that's fine with me. I'll go, and he can stay home with the kids. :) And I'm not nearly as good of a student as him - it'll take me a looooooooooong time to finish.

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Pinkstripe said...

A BBA? If it's three letters, that must be better than all the other bachelor's degrees. Mine is only two letters. BJ. I am not making that up.