I Married the Vicar

In the U.K. he's a Vicar, not a Pastor.

Went to the Top Shop today. I spent a lot lot lot of money in pounds, and it's even worse when you convert it to dollars.

The Vicar just said I was hogging the computer. He's been internet deprived, so I'll let him have it back.

More later.


Guilty Secret said...

Welcome back :)

Can't wait to hear more about it... like, where did you go?

Lala said...

Hi Robyn... Oooooooo... VICAR sounds so SEXY (is that "allowed"?)... "Come here "vicar""... yep... sounds SEXY to me... I remember hearing it in the Thornbirds and thinking... that sounds SEXY...

Hogging the computer huh??? Well... give the VICAR the computer ("Here's the computer VICAAAAAAAR... I'm going shopping!") and go do some more shopping!!!!

Safe Travels home!!!

lala :o)