Yes, I am expecting at least one e-mail about my tights.

(You have to give the bar a nudge at the end of the song - there's more pictures after the song is over. Sigh.)


lifeinsuburbia said...

Love all the pictures! Especially those of Granpa Dwight with Pastor. Can England (esp Manchester) be any more beautiful than in the autumn?

Call me. 9179917 Dinner.

Kate said...

I didn't see many duplicate outfits! Did you use a bigger suitcase this time?

Great pics, by the way. Loved the argyle tights!

Lala said...

Hi Robyn!!! The "vicar" looked mighty HANDSOME! (Is a VICAR allowed to look "handsome"?) :o)

I'm watching and thinking "what tights???"... Then "OH... those tights"... :o) You were the proper "english" girl in those!!! Fun too!!!

Thanks for sharing the pics!!!

Welcome home!!!

Lala :o)

LB said...

I'm getting married!!!!

LB said...

You and the Pastor are on the list and we will have cake with real, buttercream frosting, NOT fondant!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed looking at these pics... I so wanna be there it is beautiful