white madness

signs that you have been snowed in way too long

1. You mastered the art of making tamales.

2. You cleaned your house.

3. You keep going to check to see if there's enough clothes to wash another load, but all the laundry has been done.

4. You washed your sheets.

5. You contemplated baking, but thank goodness, you are out of vanilla.

6. You started reading a book.

7. You cleaned out your spices. That's how you figured out you were out of vanilla.

8. You watched everything on your DVR, including "The Pregnancy Pact." You are contemplating recording other movies on Lifetime.

9. You are high score #1 - 10 on every single one of your Wii games. You have invented new Wii games, for instance only hitting the shoes or the panda heads in soccer. You are playing the Wii games just so you can spend time with other people, like Timmy the Trainer.

A few more days, and I may even get desperate enough to do my taxes.

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Betsy said...

Timmy the Trainer....bahahahahahahahahahahaha!!