waxing poetic

Once upon a time, there was a 15 year old girl we’ll call Robyn. She was in Driver’s Ed class with a 15 year old boy named Greg. He had a crush on her, and she had a crush on him. They flirted.

Then, one day, Greg said something about a few errant hairs Robyn hadn't ever noticed.

There was no happily ever after to this Hairy Tale. That’s when the tweezing began.

I’m exhausted. I’ve been tweezing for 23 years. That’s longer than I’ve been driving. Longer than I went to school. Longer than all of my marriages combined. Even longer than how long I have been on a diet, and that’s a long time. The only things I’ve been doing longer than tweezing are menstruating – another fun thing – and breathing.

It’s something I dread every single day. I wonder where I will have a stray hair today?!

Do you have any idea how many tweezers I have bought? I wish I did. Wouldn’t you think one would be enough? First, there are the tweezers that are no good because they just don’t pluck right. Then there are all the tweezers that are perfect, yet someone else in the house uses them to perform plantar wart removal surgery. I mourn the loss for these tweezers, and buy more.

Can you even travel with tweezers anymore? I don’t think so. Me with my unwanted hair is a huge security threat. The Pastor takes me somewhere, things start to grow, I get to buy a new pair which gets donated to some hotel maid or T.S.A. agent.

No doubt when I am dead and gone and Nate is cleaning out my stuff he will find tweezers everywhere. All the tweezers – the good ones – I’ve hid so well to avoid their use on stinky feet or clogged drains – that I even hid them from myself. Car tweezers.

I think I’ve given up on my eyebrows though. Several months ago I was at the dermatologist with Nate and somehow the subject of eyebrow waxing came up. The doctor turned away from Nate and asked me “Seriously, you don’t wax your eyebrows, do you? You are fair enough you don’t need to do that.”

I took this as gospel. For the past 6 years I have been waxing approximately once per month, at let’s say the rate of $10 each time. That’s $720 I’ve spent just on my stupid eyebrows. And it’s not like anyone cares! It’s not like anyone has ever said “You have really fantastic eyebrows!”

Here’s how it would go. I’d go to an Asian nail place. Let them wax on/wax off. Then I would be left with huge bright red patches of irritated skin for approximately 24 hours. Then my irritated skin would start to break out around my eyebrows. Then about the time it cleared up, I had stubbly brows again and it was back for another torture session.

Of course the techs at those nail places are always laying a huge guilt trip on you. Without even so much as looking at you they spout off “wax your eyebrows today?” Then if you agree it’s never enough. What about your upper lip? What about your chin? No! Please don’t try to up-sale me any more waxing!

All this trouble for the hair that people CAN see. This doesn’t include the bikini waxes and Nair and Veet and shaving and the laser hair “reduction.” Don’t let the med-spas trick you into laser hair removal, because the fine print will tell you at best you will have less, finer hair - but you'll still have hair!

What does all this hair mean? Do I have too much testosterone? Because I’ve got to tell you, most of the time I FEEL LIKE I HAVE MORE THAN ENOUGH ESTROGEN. I’ve even gone so far as to wonder if I’m somehow a hermaphrodite.

I will never be impressed by the circus freak bearded lady. Girlfriend let herself go. I’d be more impressed by someone who has managed to find the secret to permanent unwanted hair removal. Then, we’d all live happily ever after.

The end.


Becca said...

That is so true! Urgh...and tweezers aren't always so fun. Why must looking good require so much work and be such a pain?!?!?!
P.S. I'm back now. :)

C.A. said...

OMG, we are living the same life. Do you ever wonder if anything happens to you and you're unable to tweeze, if anyone would care enough to do it for you? I picture myself in the ICU or as an old old woman in the nursing home and all of these extra hairs growing out of me. It's a recurring nightmare. UGH.

Why do we always get THE perfect pair of tweezers, which are harder to find than the Holy Grail, and SOMEONE uses them, loses them or jacks them up beyond all belief so they are UN-usable?

I feel your pain, sister.

Pinkstripe said...

My hair is hairier than your hair.

Anonymous said...

So glad I found your blog again. I see the tweezing, cupcakes and shoes are still in:>

Happy 2010. You speak the truth!

Lala said...

Hi Robyn!!! Well... at least I know I'm not "alone" now in TALKING/admitting about "unwanted" hair...

LASER HAIR REMOVAL... BEST BEST BEST $$$$ I ever spent (and you can get some DEALS now... thanks to the recession!)... I will have to go back for "maintainance" treatments once a year... but NOLONGER have to pluck morning, noon, AND NIGHT!!!

And I too had/have the recurring fear of ending up in a coma and noone caring enough to keep me "plucked" and me waking up with a FOO MAN CHU!!!

Lala aformerlyka Circus Freak Bearded Lady :o)