It was very easy/anyone could see/that the Prince was charming/the only one for me.

Me, asking for something which I think is perfectly reasonable yet the Pastor thinks is completely ridiculous: "I’m going to tell you something else I want, then the thing I’m asking for won’t seem so ridiculous to you."

Pastor: "Oh yeah? What’s that?"

Me: "When I die, I want one of those glass coffins, like in Snow White."

Pastor, laughing hysterically: "Are you serious? You really want everyone seeing your shriveled up dead body?"

Me: "No, I just like the idea of it. Besides, the dwarfs found her beautiful even in death and kept a constant vigil at her side."

Pastor: "Someone is under the spell of the Disney magic!"


OK, it is possible that I have watched Snow White one too many times, but what does it say about me now that instead of wanting to be a Princess or find Prince Charming, the thing I'll settle for is a glass coffin?


Betsy said...

Bahahahahahahahaha! I totally get you! When I die, I've always told my husband that I want a pink "hello kitty" bedazzled coffin, with silk pink lining. And when they shut the coffin after the visitation, I want it to make that Disney "pixie dust" sound....you know the one! ;)

Pinkstripe said...

I always wondered how they kept her teeth brushed in that glass coffin. They must have, or else the prince wouldn't have wanted to kiss her ... I said that to my friends' 3-year-old that the other day. She nodded solemnly.