Happy Father's Day

I'm on vacation with the Pastor and family, but wanted to say Happy Father's Day to the man who originally spoiled me.

The man who could tell I had an ear infection by the way my ears smelled.

The man who took me dress shopping at Street's Department Store and always said "just get both" to the dresses. (By the way, this apparently set a very bad precedent. The unlimited use of the AmEx card too.)

The man who told me I wouldn't win at the quarter game at the State Fair, and when I proved him wrong was forced to attach a very large stuffed pig to his belt for the rest of the day.

The man who realized I was completely hopeless with the stick shift and bought me an automatic instead.

The man who helped me assemble a complete Nancy Drew book collection - long before Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble - by picking up a book in every city he went to.

The man who brought donuts to Nate on Saturday mornings.

And you don't know this, but after one of your trips overseas you gave me a silver elephant key chain that you were given on your trip. The elephant has a secret compartment which can't possibly be for anything but holding illicit drugs, but it reminds me of you and I and have carried it in my wallet for years because you gave it to me.

And after being in this van with three children (sound familiar?) driving across states and (hopefully) making it alive to our destination, I appreciate you even more!

Happy Father's Day.

I love you.


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