64 bottles of Coke on the wall

World of Coca Cola today.

64 different Cokes to taste. I beat the Pastor and Nate and tasted them all. You only live once! Have a Coke and a smile!

Incidentally, if anyone has ever been to the World of Coca Cola and calculated the number of Weight Watcher points used by sampling 64 kinds of Coke, if you could let me know, that would be great. Or, maybe it wouldn't.

Also while on vacation, I'm dreaming. I need to look up dream interpretation for the dream I had this week. I had one of the few recurring dreams/nightmares that lives in my sub-conscious. I'm at school. I have been enrolled in classes for weeks, but didn't know and haven't been going. I am immediately presented in one class with a big stack of papers, marked in red ink, and they are assignments I've not yet completed. Also, it turns out I've been enrolled in some Science class for a very long time, have never been, and am doomed to fail.

But after things like cross-country car travel, gas station restrooms, roller coaster rides, daily Dairy Queen Blizzard Treats and 64 kinds of Coke, are dreams like this surprising?


realolivegreen said...

if that's the only dream/nightmare that you're contending with...i'd say you've got it pretty good.

enjoy vacation and those Blizzard Treats!

Anonymous said...

Sampling anything is zero points, I'm sure! I live less than 5 minutes from the floating coke bottle! Wish I knew you were here! Sara G.

Richard said...

We may have a few books that would give a psyco-analytical view on dreams... you know that whole Freudian or Jungian kind of stuff... I tend to be more partial to Jung, myself.

Or you could just take Scrooge's perspective when he encounters his dead friend Jacob Marley supposing he could just be a bit of undigested beef. I guess it's all perspective.

Great to meet you guys this morning!