Princess of the White Castle

My fantastical imagination has been at work again.

The Pastor and I got re-routed home from Los Angeles, and ended up in Indianapolis.

Naturally, my first thought - this will be a bonus night with the Pastor in a hotel room in what must no doubt be the most romantic city on the planet!

I'd never been to Indianapolis before.

I started envisioning the Pastor and I - in a cold city, finding a way to stay warm together. Since we had no clothes but the shorts on our backs from our Cali trip (we left behind all our other clothes to donate) we would have to just hole up in our romantic hotel room, furnished to us by Southwest Airlines.

Reality. If we're in a city, we're going to go see it. Taxi cab downtown. I did find some jeans, so I didn't have to brave 34 degree weather in my madras. The nice romantic dinner? White Castle. We'd never been to one before.

The Pastor did say to me, over a bag of Sliders, that I was the prettiest girl at White Castle. I was also the only girl at White Castle, but I guess I'll take what I can get.

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Lala said...

Hi Robyn!!! Thanks for the visit!!! OK... went to a WC ONCE... spent the next THREE DAYS smelling like steamed onions and meat... everyone had told us... "You HAVE to go to WC"... well... we did... and haven't since!

I DID try to visit my "old Friend"... can I tell you... TOO SWEET... I only had two sips!!!

Lala :o)