just like Malibu Barbie

How I was just like Malibu Barbie today -

Malibu Barbie would have been a do-gooder and would have made meals for terminally ill people with HIV & AIDS. She would have even worn a hair net (she probably has her own pink one.)

Malibu Barbie would have gone through the drive-thru of In-n-Out Burger. However, she would have been in a convertible and not a 15-passenger church van.

Malibu Barbie would have gone to Malibu Beach. She probably would have gotten to wash her hair afterwards though.

I'm too tired and lack the computer time to compare the Pastor to Malibu Ken.


Kate said...

Quit blogging and go back to the beach, Skipper!

Pinkstripe said...

1. Can't tell your hair was ever unwashed in trip pics.
2. You didn't feed funnel cake to homeless person, did you?
3. In-n-Out is waaaay better than White Castle.