I switched to decaf

and apparently that means you fall asleep at 8:30, wake up at 1 a.m. for a bit and consider blogging but fall back asleep until you are wide awake again at 5:30.

If this is decaf life, I'm not sure I want any part of it.

But we are going to Israel this week, and I didn't want my body to be all strung out like it normally is, desperately searching for coffee. I'm going to do this scientific experiment to see if this makes jet lag, etc. on international travel less of an issue.

Wedding yesterday, i.e., four pieces of cake yesterday. It was their fault. Each layer was a different flavor which is really just wrong. Wrong wrong wrong! I felt jilted after I got carrot cake. Who wants carrot cake at a wedding? I had to see what the other layers were. Still, I feel cheated because I did not get strawberry. I would have rather had strawberry than carrot.

Also, I feel cheated because I wore a certain fabulous dress again (outfit repeater!) and the Pastor still didn't take a picture.

Off to make my decaf latte. And get dressed for church. Maybe if I quit blogging and actually get dressed, I won't be late for church, and the Pastor and I can have a happy sabbath.

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Kate said...

Drink up! Coffee is very, very rich in anti-oxidants!

I've actually been thinking of increasing my coffee consumption for just that reason.

Have fun in Israel!