Me, looking at pj's on-line at victoriassecret.com.

The Pastor, looking over my shoulder.

Me: Would I look cute in these pj's? With the donuts all over them? Those are kind of cute? Or what about these? With the lipstick print? Which ones do you like?

The Pastor: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
(eyes glassy, mouth open)

Me: These? Or these?

The Pastor: Uhhhhhhhhhhhh, it's not so much about which ones as it is the pose. Its hard for me to get past the pose.

Me: Oh, so it doesn't matter which jammies, its just how I stand around in them.


Thanks, Victoria's Secret, thanks for the ad campaign which makes it look like that's how all grown women look in flannel pjs. Having some sort of grown-up slumber party, with lip-gloss and perfectly wavy hair. And wearing a push-up bra under the jammie top. I barely need a bra most of the time, I certainly don't need one at home when I'm in my pj's. Only Victoria's Secret could take a group of women in flannel pajamas and houseslippers and make it look semi-pornographic.

That's nice to have the clarification on the whole posing thing. That explains why, even though I purchased something from their "Very Sexy" line last month, that its never quite worked out for me when I've worn it. I guess I'm just not posing like I'm supposed to.

Sigh. Its exhausting. Even when you're just hanging around the house in your pj's.


Anonymous said...

He's right. How you look and what you're wearing is not even close to being as important as how you act, pose, strut, tease, dance, etc. :)

Kate said...

cute jammies! You should buy them!

Lala said...

Hi Robyn!!! OMG... I cannot even GO INTO Vickie's without having a complete anxiety attack... ever since trying on a "wonderbra" and having the perky little sales girl bring me not ONE PACKAGE but TWO of the little "enhancers" to fill in the (not so wonderful) WONDERBRA... although after 20+ years of marriage I HAVE tuaght my husband that FLANNEL IS SEXY!!! LOL... :o)

Lala :o)

Loganator's Mom said...

I love how I imagine that I will look like that in those PJ's and then I get them on and I think... what the hell was I thinking?!

deadyesterdays.wordpress.com said...

Agreed! How can flannel pants be sexy?