loathes and fishes

I loathe myself.

Me, at Bible conference.

The Pastor, across conference center lobby.

The Pastor whistles at me. He is ready to go! I hop up! Here I am, my Lord!

Other Nazarene wife says NOOOOOO he did not just whistle at you!

Me, giggling. Tee hee he. He sure did! Isn't that cute? He whistles and I just hop to it, just like a nice wife would!

I can't believe I did that.

Some dogs won't do that.

I loathe myself.


Oh, and the Pastor looks really good in a wet suit. I'm so fat after a couple of trips to In-N-Out Burger, I wouldn't want to squeeze into one. Ugh.


Guilty Secret said...

What kind of whistle was it? Like a dog whistle or a 'you're hot' whistle?

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and check it frequently. I enjoyed the title, "loathes and fishes"--how witty! I used to date a pastor and can appreciate some of your experiences. Thanks for bringing some excitment to my day!

Lala said...

Hi Robyn!!! OH NO you did NOT respond to the Pastor WHISTLING at you... FOR REAL??? Was he holding a really cute pair of shoes while whistling???... Maybe he should start whistling from the pulpit when he notices someone nodding off during services... LOL...

Hey... What girl would pass up and In-N-Out Burger???

Safe travels home!!!

Lala :o)

LB said...

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